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✨ My Photos will allow the financing of the creation of a 🔫 Paintball field in the south of France in Toulouse. ✨ 

The site is being finalized and should be finished around 05/15/2022, The discord is in progress.


The mushroom collection is special, it will allow you to have counterparts with the paintball field. such as: 1 hour of paintball offered, invitation to the opening, the t-shirt offered, 1 birthday pack offered, a paintball marker offered, ...

Find us on:

Opensea Mushrooms Collection - Twitter - Instagram


This project is a radical life change for us that is close to our hearts. It is also a Father / Son family project.


Your help will be invaluable for us to invest in:

- the purchase of land

- the purchase of Paintball / Air Soft / Games / Archery Tag equipment… 🎯

- the purchase to equip the land

- the purchase start of the activity


- Objective: €100,000: Thank you for your support, the project is funded. 😍

- Objective: €110,000: Construction of additional land. 🔨

- Objective: €120,000: Proposal for an additional activity for the children (example: Football bubble or Sumo) 

- Objective €130,000: Laser Game

- Objective €140,000: Setting up a covered station to play under cover in the event of bad weather

- Objective €150,000: Rodeo 🐎


If you want to help us 💖:

Eth: 0x8d755e9e3d45477e349ebe55368204a0853c2d4f

Flux: t1WGzqu9DwXNeCLm7eHFFPE2Qwo8fcYGwcC

Btc: 1DQPqZj5yCb3bhiDhrS8FQvVh8wau7hUm2

Each help or sale will be displayed on the website in full transparency.

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